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Feel free to contact me if you are interested in applying to any of these awards, I am happy to share my application materials or give feedback. 

NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2018-2021)

UW DIRECT NSF National Research Trainee Fellow (2018-2019)

UW ARCS Fellow (2016-2019)

Clean Energy Institute Recruitment Fellow (2016)

UW Chemical Engineering Faculty Lecture Award (2021) 

ACS COMP Chemical Computing Group Excellence Student Award (Spring 2021)

AIChE CoMSEF Graduate Student Award (2020)

MIT ChemE Rising Star (2020)

UW Husky 100 (2020)          

ASU Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) Researcher (2015/2016)                                                                     


VITAL Future Faculty Program at University of Buffalo (2022)

D. E. Shaw Research Graduate and Postdoc Women’s Fellowship (2021)

UW ACES 13th Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) Top Speaker Award (2020)

Krieger-Brockett Travel Award (2020)

AIChE Women in Chemical Engineering Travel Award (Fall 2020)

The California Alliance NSF-AGEP Research Exchange (2019) 

233rd ECS Meeting Hack Week Seattle, US Army Research Office Travel Award (Fall 2018)

FOMMS NSF Travel Award  (Summer 2018)   



Conference & Travel 

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